Friday, December 17, 2010

Econometric qual

And I am kinda not doing too much right now. I will say this, with 2 kids, I am happy that I went to UTD, for if I went to a better school, the time demands would not allow me to probably hang in the program.

BTW, = Fox News = crackpots

Monday, September 20, 2010

sum up the day, 9/20/10

Last thought of the day.

Went to the seminar today where a neuroscientist was speaking. I suspected this somewhat all along, but I now think that "reason" has many facets of being a human construct as say "culture". It is impossible for me to believe that we don't have at least have some things quite wrong on what we, as humanity, generally view as reasonable. It is impossible to have well operating, but still flawed, brains, and believe that what we denote as "reasonable" really is, well, "reasonable".

I am a little worried

I think that children from academics may end up being quite maladjusted. I am already finding it harder and harder to spend quality time with Ced. Today, for around 5 mintues, I quite literally play fetch with him. Not good. Any my professor, who I think I may want as an advisor, complains about her daughter alot. I dunno, maybe true to all people right now, maybe not.

OK, knock on wood...

but my wife, Jenn, really handles her pregancies well. Does make one wonder how much her Mexicanish plays a role, probably none. She eats normally, certainly not finicky, but also doesnt gorge. Works out, but doesn't over do it. Pretty even keel.

My halfass, but works, advice to those woman out there, if you don't excerise, then start about 1 year out. But don't worry about losing weight, just get a body that can handle physical stree, just run 3 miles or 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days a week. That isn't really hard, but that is the point, dont over do it.

Think, but dont think

I actually am the type of guy who does brood too much, and to be honest, when I do think about, say, my life, place in the universe, what is out there, I do get kinda depressed. Seem to me that it foolish to ponder about things with untestable hypothesis, which is why I have, well, venon for those who become philosphers in today's age. Nothing more that a waste of a person's brain power. Academic cowards I say.

Do what you like, respect that other's may have different opinions that you, and move on. Who cares about the big questions. At the end of it all, I would glad trade it all in for 10 minutes with the fam.

baby # is 6 days away

Pretty excited for that. Kinda funny, not sure how much of a milestone this really is, but in a week or two, no longer just Jenn, Ced, and I. Hope Ced will be OK

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Well, its been a really long time

I forgot about this blog for almost 3 years. My bad. Ced is now 3. I graduated from MBA school and now I am a Ph D student at the U of Texas - Dallas. Looking like I will be an economic experimentalist. I am currently working on a counter terrorism project at UTD. Jenn is still wonderful and kid no. 2 should be only 2 weeks away.

What I am thinking on. I believe in evolution, but it simply isn't important enough to fight over. In fact, I cannot think of on biological aspect that evolution is important, except evolution itself. I would consider it's discovery to be a net negative for our society. Way too much energy is being spent on both sides of the issue. This further annoys me since I feel that biologists try to diminish the effect that chemistry and physics plays in advancing its own science. I would claim that nearly every time biology is able to answer the question "why" about anything, it is almost entirely up to physics and chemistry ( and the associated experts) to explain it too them. Biology is great at explaining what, but the why is left for the hard sciences. I do hope Cedric like math and brushes off biology as an undergrad and goes into physics or engineering. I do love him so.

I think that Cristopher Hitchens is a great writer, but at times, his logic behind his arguments can be quite poor. I think people confuse the two. Esp in 2006 when he proclaimed that Castro is being forcibly removed due to a military coup. Not a bit of evidence to back that up. Yet, no one calls him on it. Annoys me.

I still think that military atheists are just as crackpot crazy as religious fundamentalists. There is nothing wrong with building mosques at ground zero.

that is all